Ultimate Profit Management

Ultimate Profit Management:
Maximimizing Profitability as You Grow Your Business

Throughout the author’s career as a banker and business consultant, he has seen many examples of businesses that were doing just “fine.” They were profitable and growing slowly but surely, but then, the business owner decided that it wasn’t enough anymore to simply grow slowly. What was suddenly needed was growth of 20%, 50%, or even 100% per year, just like the notable companies they see and hear about every day in the media. They began to try to grow the business and in a short period, a profitable and thriving business became unprofitable. Since the business was no longer profitable, it needed to take on debt to pay its expenses. After taking on more and more debt, the business reached a point where it could not find any more debt to take on. This circumstance caused the business to fail to pay its bills anymore which led to a financial day of reckoning.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a more effective way to grow your business without causing it to become unprofitable. And that’s why the author wrote this book.

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