The Evolution of the Business Card

Business cards used to have as much information on them as possible.  A logo, company name, contact information, summary of products/services offered, and a good arrangement were the standard.  It was clean, professional and relevant with plenty of white space.  Today’s business card opened up the possibilities of what we can do with the little space given.  While it’s not used as much today, the business card is seeing a resurgence and companies are going back to the basics.  What made the business card better?  Here are some ways that the business card has changed over the years.

o   Professionally made:  Business cards used to be very expensive to make.  Therefore, many businesses used to cut corners in order to save on costs.  Today, there are far more cost-effective options.  Always opt for a professionally-made business card.

o   Both sides of the card:  It used to be a no-no to look at the back of a business card because there was nothing on it!  It was a great way to write notes or phone number.  Now, it’s about printing on both sides. The new caliber is to have the same contact and summary information on the front, but place your company name and logo on the back.

o   Authentic logo:  Clip art and standard logos copied online will not work on your business card.  Go the extra mile and create a genuine logo for your business.  The logo must be connected to your company brand because it will be the image that your customers identify with.

o   No white space:  Unless it’s the company color:  white space be gone.  Color is all the rage.  Pops of color makes your business card stand out from the competition.  The best colors to use are your company’s colors.  Let that be the guide to how your business card will look.

o   Bring online offline: Contact information doesn’t stop at physical address, phone numbers and fax.  Add email addresses, company website, blogs, social media and a QR code (that leads to a mobile website) on the card.  Make sure those online sites match with the logo and offline information and vice-versa.  Let it be the link between the online and offline worlds.

o   Creativity:  From printing on a thicker sheet of paper to rounded corners instead of pointed, this is your business card.  Be creative.  Add fun facts/tips/advice, testimonials, and space for note-taking to the card.  Let the business card double as a ticket, bookmark, or sticker.  Create a different business card for other side jobs, a service, web launch, sale promotions and more.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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