Business Advice: Keeping Your Eyes on the Competition

keeping an eye on your competition for business service owners

Keeping your eyes on the competition and what they can offer can help you to improve your own products and services. There are a few main types of competition to keep in mind.

Direct Competitors:

These businesses mimic your business model and target the same market. Convincing a customer to always choose your business can be tricky if the prices are similar. Thinking out of the box can help ensure you have recurring customers.

Online Competition:

Peruse the internet to see what your online competition offers. It can be helpful to take note of website design/layout, prices, and customer service. Making a call or sending an email as an inquiry from a potential customer can give you useful information, such as what they charge or names of suppliers/distributors.

Big Business Competitors:

One way to compete with massive marketing budgets and international resources is through a customer’s loyalty. It can be difficult to undercut Big Business pricing, so tune into your clients and ask them how you can improve. Building relationships with your customers can serve as an advantage over bigger companies that exchange a personal touch for profit.

Inertia Factors:

Keep in mind the volatility of the economy. Is your product or service niche something that people need during strict budget times? Is there another product that the customer would purchase instead of yours? It is also important to keep an open mind about future competition. The industry can turn at any moment, and competition can come up from the unlikeliest places.

A couple more tips:

In the end, even if your business strives to be the most innovative in the industry, it can help to keep an eye out for the other guys. Getting to know your major competition can help you plan for your business’s success. Finding networking events for your local industry chapter can be beneficial in finding referrals or general tips. Taking a course through the Small Business Administration is another way to brush up your skills.

Remember, running a business successfully does not to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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