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4x Improvement in Cash Flow.

A $1M Service Company wanted to continue to grow without seeking outside equity investment and also wanted a way to know when to hire new employees and expand into more office space. Manny Skevofilax worked with the CEO to establish a growth plan with milestones based on company profitability. The milestones serve as inflection points to show the business owner when is ok to hire new employees, without hurting the business. Changes were made to the company’s sales process and account receivable collections process which resulted in a 4x improvement in cash flow.
Key Take-away: The business is continuing to grow rapidly and it is self-funding its own growth without the need for outside equity investment.

Shortened Accounts Receivable Cycle.

0M Value-added Reseller had grown rapidly and began to sustain significant losses because payroll was too high relative to its sales volume. The company’s books were not up-to-date and a financial statement was not being produced on a timely basis. Manny Skevofilax was able to update the accounting information and move the accounting system to a new software package that integrated with the sales management software of the company. The changes enabled the business to begin operating more efficiently by shortening the accounts receivable collection cycle. Payroll was significantly reduced because compensation was changed to provide incentive-based pay for all of the employees in the company.
Key Take-away: The business was able to establish a 25% net profit margin by restructuring its operations and went on to grow its revenue by 20% annually.

300% Increase to Revolving Line of Credit.

A $6M Technology Company had grown rapidly and was experiencing reduced profitability and a cash flow crunch. Manny Skevofilax streamlined the accounting process and showed the business owner a simpler way to proactively monitor his company’s performance. The resulting analysis identified some areas in the business that were generating losses and helped the CEO to reduce unnecessary expenses and to make the decision to exit an unprofitable business line. Manny Skevofilax negotiated a 300% increase to the business’s revolving line of credit.
Key Take-away: The business eliminated non-essential expenses and refocused its resources on its most profitable business lines, which led to 25% growth in revenue, profits, and cash flow.

Bank Relationships Restored.

A $5M Service Company experienced the sudden death of its majority owner who wore most of the hats in the business. This unfortunate event caused a severe disruption in the business which included its bank calling for the immediate repayment of all outstanding business loans. Manny Skevofilax stepped in to help the minority owner (now the new majority owner) make an accurate assessment of the state of the business. The assessment showed that the accounting process needed to be overhauled and simplified and the accounts receivable collection process was causing cash flow problems. As the changes were being implemented, Manny Skevofilax negotiated with the company’s banker and was able to restore the company’s banking relationship back to normal.
Key Take-away: By implementing the recommendations of the assessment in a very short time frame, the business was able to successfully manage a severe disruption.

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