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“Manny is able to quickly identify the business issues that are getting in the way of growth or profitability. He thinks like a CEO but with a strong financial mind, a complete understanding of financing options and a pro sales mindset.”
Craig Burris
“Manny is an integral part of both Quality Associates Inc. and DocPoint Solutions’ financial operations and organization as a whole. With extensive experience in the banking industry and a deep understanding of its complexities, Manny is a forward-thinking individual and a team player who works hard to grasp the challenges that officers and executives of an organization face. Over the past couple of years, Manny has successfully helped us maintain compliance with our covenants, uphold relationships with our third-party auditors, and led us through a seamless transition to a new banking relationship. Demonstrating a high level of trustworthiness and sheer knowledge, Manny is a valuable asset to our family-owned organizations and plays a key role in ensuring that our business is running properly every day.”
Scott Swidersky
President and Executive Director
"In 2011, our companies suffered a major loss when my business partner and best friend died suddenly. Since my partner had previously handled much of the financials, I was left to handle the day to day operations of the businesses and deal with his loss. It was a very difficult time. We were in desperate need to get the books in order and deal with the possibility of having to find a new bank since several bank loans had come due. With the help of Manny Skevofilax, we were able straighten out our books and get comfortable managing our financials in their entirety. Not only that, but due to his good reputation in the banking industry and expertise with business consulting, we were also able to salvage our existing banking relationship. We are extremely grateful to Manny and would highly recommend him to other business owners."
Patrick Hoban
CEO, All Pro Restoration, Inc. & Priceless Carpet One, LLC
“Manny is my current virtual CFO and has been since 2006. His expert knowledge of banking relationships and financial statements are invaluable. As the sole owner of a company, it’s great to have someone that you can openly discuss business issues, be they challenges or successes.”
David Fleck
CEO, Fleck Machine Company Inc.
“Portal CFO Consulting and its owner, Manny Skevofilax have been an integral part of the success of Nightmare Graphics since 2011. Manny has been a mentor and friend in helping to turn around a 33 year old company that had to rebound from the recession of 2009 and 2010. His knowledge and experience in all matters financial have returned the company to its former prosperity in just three years. Manny has also used his vast network of colleagues to help Nightmare Graphics secure the best in merchant services, healthcare options, and accounting professionals. Our overall expenses have been reduced in the thousands thanks to Manny’s contacts. Manny is not just a financial statistician, but a strategist who wants to hear all the options before recommending a move or direction the company may want to pursue. We rarely make a significant purchase or marketing decision without Manny’s approval. It has been a pleasure working with Manny and I am sure with his continued guidance, Nightmare Graphics will remain a stronghold in the community and throughout the United States. I can’t thank Manny enough for all that he has done.”
Sam Andelman
President, Nightmare Graphics
“Manny helped us work through some very challenging ownership, management, and financial issues. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an outsourced CFO.”
Dan Harris
CEO, Premier Planning Group
“Adding Manny as our outsourced CFO is one of the main reasons EntreQuest has been able to increase the net profit margin significantly this year. Too often business owners are so involved “in the business” that they never take the time to work “on the business” and truly analyze their business model. Manny not only challenged our thinking, he used his experience and expertise to implement a sound financial plan that drove both the top and bottom line dramatically. It is truly one of the most profitable investments EntreQuest has ever made.”
Jason Pappas
CEO, EntreQuest Inc.
“Manny is a part of our team and a person of high integrity who shares our company values. If you are looking for a CFO who can help get your business to the next level, Manny is the person to help you get there. We went through a tough period, as many small businesses did the past few years and he helped us manage our cash flow and create proforma budgets that were realistic and that would create greater value for the company. He always kept on top of things like a true professional. Thanks Manny!”
Elizabeth Shea
CEO, SpeakerBox LLC
Manny has been critical to the success of our company. I did not plan on running a business. I have no special training. But with Manny’s guidance we have managed to grow our business every year while keeping cash flow and the balance sheet in excellent condition. I strongly recommend Manny to any entrepreneur looking to get away from all the financial admin it takes to run a company. During good times and turbulent times, Manny continues to be a trusted advisor.
John Sherman
CEO, Storyfarm, Inc.
“Manny is our eyes and ears for finance. Working with Manny gives me the opportunity to focus on growth. Manny always has our best interest in mind and treats our business like it is his. He is a very trustworthy and thoughtful person.”
Rick Crane
CEO, Evolution, LLC
“Manny and PORTAL CFO Services have been of great benefit to our company in serving as our virtual CFO. Though I was initially skeptical when a consultant recommended the idea, my expectations have been wildly surpassed. I unequivocally recommend Manny Skevofilax for the deep expertise, attention to client needs, and ceaseless commitment to finding solutions that have made our investment in his services worth every penny and more.”
Ned Johnson
CEO, PrepMatters Inc.
“Manny is a first rate Outsourced CFO. His expert analysis of our business and his understanding of our goals as a company has created an unmatched synergy that has proven to be invaluable. The detailed deliverables that Manny has created are extremely concise and it really breaks down our corporate finances to a tee. I would recommend Manny to any business owner who is looking for a CFO, but does not want to hire them directly. His business model is a perfect fit for any small or medium sized business owner.”
David Webb
Co-Founder, Evolution LLC
“After many disappointing interviews with financial groups and being very frustrated because of an unclear vision on how we were going to move from point A to point B on a financial level, finally Manny was suggested to us by another working in this frustrating World of Finance. When we met with Manny he immediately began laying out the steps of what needed to be done and how we were going to accomplish our goals. We look forward to our monthly meetings, it’s filled with blunt honesty, a shot of adrenaline and encouragement at the same time. His attitude and presentation of our goals do not seem impossible but within reach. We see a long lasting relationship with Manny. Thanks Manny!”
Rick & Kellie High
Founders, Town & Country Chimney Service, Inc.
“Manny has been instrumental in providing a convergence between the financial and technology vision of Trusted Technologies. Manny’s financial guidance, leadership, and expertise have brought comfort to the Trusted Technologies’ Executive Staff as the company seeks to achieve the next level of its business projections while also managing explosive growth. Beyond Manny’s integrity, he treats Trusted Technologies like his own. Too bad, we did not have Manny’s leadership from day one.”
John Woodley
President & CEO, Trusted Technologies LLC
“Working with Manny helped me to put in place financial controls that were desperately needed after 18 years of continuous growth. These controls allow me to focus on my business and provide me with the critical information I need to make timely management decisions.”
Paul Saiz
CEO, Gold Leaf Group Inc.
“Manny is a financial expert; you quickly recognize you’re working with an extremely competent financial professional. What’s so delightful is that Manny also is a model of integrity, service and value: he delivers strongly every time and appreciates your business. Manny is a gem. I’m lucky to have found him, and so are you!”
Tom Loveland
CEO, Mind Over Machines Inc.
“Manny has done a great job helping me guide my companies through some very challenging times. He shoots straight and tells you what you need to hear, not what you “want” to hear! That kind of guidance and service is a rare find in today’s world. Thanks Manny!”
Larry Cain
CEO, Cain Marketing, Inc.

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