Manny Skevofilax

Manny Skevofilax is a consultant, speaker, and author that helps business owners to make more money by successfully navigating the challenges of growing their businesses profitably. Since 2003, Manny achieves extraordinary outcomes for his clients by using his experience in strategic planning, financial statement analysis, operations, organizational development, and team-building.

A Baltimore, Maryland native, Manny earned a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Master of Science in Finance from the Merrick School of Business at The University of Baltimore.

Prior to starting his career as a consultant, Manny’s background includes formal bank credit training and service as a Vice President with Comerica Bank, a U.S.-based commercial lending institution. He has corporate lending experience in the U.S. and continental European markets, with specialties in commercial business finance, real estate finance, and large corporate syndicated lending for mergers and acquisitions.

Manny grew up in the restaurant business and made a career change to corporate banking at age 29.  When he’s not helping business owners, Manny can be found exploring the ancient ruins on the island of Karpathos where his parents were born.

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