Physically Protect your Business Information

To maintain its competitive advantage, your business must keep all kinds of information confidential. This information includes customer credit card numbers, employee Social Security numbers, and vendor contracts. You can protect your data through complex security software. You can also use the following simple tips to physically protect your business information.

  • Hide your screens. If your computer displays face a public corridor or window, then anybody can look at what’s being entered. You can’t feel secure against spying just because your offices are on a higher floor. People in the opposite building can still peer into your windows using binoculars. The easy solution is to turn your monitor screens so they’re facing toward a wall where only the people using them can view them.
  • Watch out for free WiFi. The free Internet access offered in coffee houses, public transportation, and public libraries are great for keeping up with work while you’re away from the office. However, such web access is not secure which allows hackers to hijack your signal to look at what you type. Avoid using any websites that require logins, such as your company database, financial sites, or email pages. If hackers are spying on you, they’ll only find public information that is easily accessible to anyone.
  • Secure old technology. When company devices, such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones become obsolete, don’t simply toss them on a high shelf or unlocked drawer. Anyone can take them and you won’t even miss them. Store unused devices in a locked drawer or cabinet that is located in a locked room. When you’re ready to donate these devices to worthy charities, don’t forget to first wipe them clean.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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