Improve Communication in Workplace: 4 Tips for Smoother Business

Whether your business is new or already established, it never hurts to improve communication in the workplace.  Since communication is so important to making sure your operations go as smoothly as possible, you want to constantly work at it and be one-hundred percent certain that everyone involved in your business has an understanding of how you want things to develop.  So what can you, as the leader, do to improve communication in the workplace?

Let’s take a look at what I consider to be some effective strategies on creating effective workplace communication and you’ll get a good idea of what has to go into making your operations as cohesive as possible.

The Importance of Teamwork and Communication in Business

As an entrepreneur, you won’t be able to do everything on your own forever. As the business grows and you take on more clients, process larger orders, and do everything else associated with running a thriving business, it’s inevitable that you will need to bring on other people.  From employees who interact with customers to executives who oversee and manage high level business functions, you’ll eventually reach a point where you will need an entire team of people.

There’s where the importance of strong teamwork and communication come in.  The more a company grows, the more vital it is for people within that company to have clearly identified roles.  Because companies depend on their employees to continue functioning, you need to be positive that everyone knows just what they’re supposed to do and how their role helps move your business forward.  You can do that in some of the following ways:

  • Be Accessible – The first step to improving workplace communication lies in making sure your people can get a hold of you. It’s understandable that, as your business is growing, you will constantly be on the move. Even so, you want to make sure your employees can get a hold of you when they need to. Whether that means making sure you’re always visible in the office when you’re there, or that you can always be reached by phone/text message, it’s important to establish and reiterate the fact that you’re there when needed. Not only will this improve communication in the workplace by putting your reliability as a leader on display, but it will ensure that you always have a clear understanding of what goes on during the day to day; something that can easily get lost in the clamor of running a growing company.
  • Be Efficient – Meetings can be something of a double-edged sword when it comes to business. While having meetings is necessary, it can be easy to have too many or have them run too long.  You can combat this by having a regular schedule for meetings, setting clear agendas, and making sure that you allot a clear time slot by which meetings are to adhere. This will guarantee that you make every minute count and not bore people.  Meetings are important to the growth of the business in that they make sure the team is all on the same page with any ongoing developments, but because they occur at some point during the work day, the time needs to be used wisely.
  • Be Encouraging – Promoting teamwork is one way to improve communication in the workplace that will pay off brilliantly when done correctly.  In this respect, you want to make sure that everyone’s ideas are heard and everyone is able to contribute in some way. Starting this practice will let you reap the benefits of team-building in a business environment for years to come because it will establish a culture where everyone feels like they own a part of the business.  By encouraging employees to come to you with their ideas, you will make them feel more invested in the company.  When they feel invested in the company, they will put their best efforts forward to help see it grow. That encouragement can go a step further and promote collaboration among team members as well.As your company thrives and takes on more work, you will have to delegate responsibility to employees. By encouraging them to work in teams to solve complex issues, you can establish a rapport and effective channels of communication between the people who drive your company and make it what it is.
  • Be Inquisitive – When you want to improve workplace communication, you can ask questions that will help you do just that.  In all likelihood, your dream of starting a business was born from a question, so you should take that a step further in your communication practices. By asking questions of employees, customers, and business partners, you can gain invaluable insight into just what they need and use that information to improve your own practices. Asking questions is good for business because not doing so forces you to fill in the blanks yourself. Depending on the situation, filling in those blanks because you assume you know what will happen can do far more harm than it can good.

These four steps to improve communication in the workplace will put down a strong foundation upon which you can build your business.  By following these tips, you can be sure that the channels by which you work with employees and serve customers will be as clear as possible and that will make thriving as a company that much easier.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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