How to use Employee Assessments to Grow Your Business

A business cannot grow with only management.  Getting your business to the next level requires leverage and leverage means having the right employees.  If you feel like your employees are not empowered, it’s time to evaluate your hires.  Hiring the right people for the job is the best way to grow your business.

In order to increase retention rates and keep the right people, you might want to consider performing ongoing assessments of your employees.  After a specified period on the job, employers should evaluate their workers to make sure everyone hired is the right person for the job.  Here are some key items to incorporate into your employee assessments:

o   Weigh individual traits, professional skill set, and job performance.  Determine how each employee’s contribution in relation to company goals.

o   Provide training for potential keepers that allow employees to use their gifts in their own way.  In turn, you’ll know exactly how to use those gifts in the right place in your business.  You might want to consider offering the option to continue their education with tuition reimbursement.

o   Compare results with other co-workers.  As you compare, you’ll know who isn’t up to par and who is.  You will have to make tough choices about each employee’s future.

You can also use assessments prior to hire.  Instead of relying solely on resumes and job interviews, you can also use an assessment as an opportunity to get to know the candidate on a deeper level.  Based on current employees’ assessments, employers can determine the type of people they wish to hire or promote.  Employee assessments also give you an idea of personal traits needed to mesh with your company’s culture.  All employees receive the benefit of knowing the expectations of the company and their role.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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