How to use Custom Software to Grow your Business

When was the last time you evaluated the efficiency of your company’s information systems?  If your employees are getting frustrated with your existing information systems because of frequent glitches, then chances are that your company’s productivity is being negatively impacted.  It might be time for an upgrade in order to boost efficiency and productivity and improve your bottom line.

The first thing to do is to brainstorm across all aspects of your business to determine just what your software and computing needs are currently and what they may be in the future.  Do some shopping around; there may be a solution to your dilemma already on the market. If you can find an existing software package to do the trick, you will be better off than developing one from the ground up.

Since technology continues to become more cost-effective, many “off the shelf” software packages have become available that tie together a company’s internal functions.  Sometimes, because of size or complexity, some companies turn to software developers to meet their specialized software requirements. If you have to go that route, here are five things to consider when outsourcing your software development needs.

A good measuring stick of a software development company is what projects they have completed in the past. Ask for and check on references from others who have used their services. By working and completing other projects, software developers gain an understanding of the best methodologies, as well as problems and glitches that pop up in the development process.

Software development revolves around technology. Ask if the company you are looking at is using the latest in software development technology.

There are always delays inherent in a change of systems. It is important to have a software company that delivers on time. The day-to-day operation of your business is going to be effected by a change-over.  There will be unavoidable debugging as well as training and orientation.  The last thing you need is delays caused by a development company that is unable to meet deadlines.

Any software developer can write code; quality, on the other hand, takes a craftsman.  A quality software packages is free of bugs and should be an efficient user of computing capacity. Easy update features should be included and the code should be as lean as possible.

A new software project requires a great deal of after-installation support. Beyond final debugging and testing, your company will need training as well as an orientation of options and customized features. Support-related issues, maintenance, and backup programs should be discussed and agreed upon before making a final choice.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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