How to Grow Your Business With a Landing Page

Landing pages can do much more than just be stationary and ask for information. They are a hot marketing strategy to get customers to do something other than read and click. Giving up information is something visitors shy away from doing, unless it’s necessary (job application, joining social media, etc). Convince the customer to make a move. Entice the customer to get what you’re selling. Aim for a landing page that CONVERTS.

CONVERTS is a acronym that stands for the following:

  • Clear Call to Action: contact form and/or button available for customers to act on
  • Offer
  • Narrow Focus: keep it clean and simple
  • Very Important Attributes: features and benefits of the offer
  • Effective Headline
  • Resolution-Savvy Layout: the website looks great on all screen sizes
  • Tidy Visuals: background picture, video, white space, font, color and/or bullet points
  • Social Proof: how other people see your product positively (statistics, testimonials, symbols of trust, press releases, etc)

Under the “offer” section, your landing page should cover one of two missions:  to collect leads or to drive sales.  Anyone selling services or products in hopes to generate revenue is aiming to drive sales.  Anyone offering newsletters, podcasts, downloads, webinars, coupons and similar items is aiming to collect leads.

An interesting trend with landing pages is combining the landing page with the homepage. Instead of keeping up with two websites, there’s one website that introduces visitors to the homepage and offers them to sign up for their service in one swoop. This mash-up consist of navigation and scroll bars resembling a homepage and the beautiful background and contact form resembling the landing page. Another trend catching on is creating a mobile version of landing pages. So many people are using their phones and tablets to view websites that it makes sense to have it. A simplified version of the landing page that fits on any device clearly and professionally is exactly what users want to see.

CONVERTS are the bare necessities of what makes a landing page work.  Businesses must be willing to make their page attractive and enticing enough so customers can take action!

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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