Grow Your Business by Connecting with your Community

When was the last time you took off work on a Saturday morning to walk through your neighborhood to the local farmer’s market in town? Maybe you grab your spouse and even put the kids in the stroller to join you for a leisurely jaunt to buy some fresh cut flowers, meat straight off the butcher’s block, maybe a parcel full of those homegrown vegetables, a dozen eggs hatched only a few hours earlier and of course, a baker’s dozen of those sugared donuts hot out of the oven.

So if you were not hungry before you started reading, you should be by now! However, that is not the objective of this blog. Instead, think about what goes on at your local farmer’s market or city bazaar or other similar marketplace on a weekend.

People flock there to browse the selection of specialty items and purchase fresh food. However, an inadvertent, yet amazingly advantageous activity is seeing your neighbors, fellow business owners, professionals, parents, politicians, and array of individuals who live in your community. Some portion of this diverse group of people are prospective customers and potential consumers of whatever products or services your small business provides.

What better opportunity to interact with your targeted market in a casual manner that can be mutually beneficial? You gain name recognition and the public can put a face with your name and feel like they now know who that person is behind your small business.

The possibilities of who you may happen to run into just walking around the marketplace are literally unlimited. Perhaps it is your old high school teacher, who you have not seen in years, or maybe it is your son’s elementary school principal who heard of your business, but did not know who the owner was behind the name.

Why not try it this weekend? Do not rise at the crack of dawn and fly out the door to get to work. Slow down and stroll around your local market. You may be surprised who you see and how it will enhance your small business success.

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Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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