Going the Extra Mile for Growth

For emerging entrepreneurs who want to get create some momentum and grow their business, going the extra mile may seem like too much work–but you’d be wrong! Customers already expect you to meet their needs and troubleshoot their issues. That’s a given. What separates you from your competitors is when you do the things that customers don’t expect.

Here’s the simple truth: You can be the most skilled company in your industry, but lack the soft skills needed to build and maintain relationships. Besides knowing your trade inside out, you should develop a customer service focus that is exceptional in its unexpected service. Learn more about how to grow your business by going the extra mile and get the edge you need to excel.

So what does the “extra mile” look like? It’s working a little later to solve a problem. For example, a customer calls to order your widget but discovers your widgets have three prongs, he needs four. Instead of shrugging off the missed sale, you join in the search for a four pronged widget. Whether or not he ever buys a thing from you, he’s going to walk away thinking about the company that helped me out. That’s great advertisement.

Other times, the extra mile is providing practical support, not just technical. Giving some advice, consulting on a developing project, sharing ideas, these are all ways you can make a lasting impression.

The next time you have a chance to answer a Help Desk email or provide support for your product; do more than seek an up-sell. Ask how you can help them further and be willing to walk that extra mile to lead them to the solution. Don’t avoiding working with customers, even the more challenging ones.

While you’re out in the trenches, pay attention to trends, and observe changes in customer needs. Besides making a good impression, you can grow your business by getting the low-down on what emerging trends are rising in your field. It’s a great day to grow your business!

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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