Business Advice: Show that You Care by Getting Involved in the World outside the Office

Show an example of getting involved in your community and your employee’s personal lives and overall health – this is the best way to really show your employees that you care about more than the work they do on a daily basis. As far as business advice goes, this is great for developing relationships with employees. Here are some examples of how you can get involved in the world outside the office:

Volunteer for Local Events or Charities and Encourage Employees to Participate

Whether you donate money, volunteer at a shelter, or run for one cause for another – participate in something. Then tell your employees about what you are doing to see if they want to get involved as well. Be careful about money donations, you can send out a notice about the cause, but do not go around sharing how much you are donating.

Host a Company Party/Picnic/Vacation/Retreat

Get involved and get to know your employees, and your employee’s families, by holding some kind of company party, picnic, vacation, or retreat.  This makes families feel involved and happy about the place where their loved ones work and it will help you get involved in your employee’s lives. You could even make this some kind of business retreat so you can get multiple things done at once – quality time with employees and their families and business.

Hold Company Health/Goal Competitions

Help yourself and your employees become healthy and achieve goals by holding company wide health/goal competitions. Make sure there are real prizes/awards at the end of these competitions so that there is more incentive to participate.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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