Business Advice on Strengthening Employee Relationships

Can you as a small business owner, change your working atmosphere and strengthen your employee relationships?  Yes, you can!  Thinking about what employees need and want from the workplace can go a long way in strengthening employee relationships and improving the entire company. All employees need a work atmosphere that allows them to concentrate on the assignments they have been given; without worrying about drama on the job.

Harassment Policy Enforcement

All of your employees need to know that you have created a strong harassment policy and specific punishments for breaking the rules of that policy. They need to know that you are willing to enforce it. Rules are nothing, if they are mere lip service. So, create a strong policy and make sure that HR is constantly enforcing that policy.

Showing Respect

How you treat people matters. As the owner of a business, you set up the atmosphere for company behavior. A little courtesy will go a long way and may inspire employees to go that extra mile to ensure that a job gets done well. It is also a good idea to let someone know that they have done a job well and that you did notice.

Specific Job Description

All employees like to know exactly what their job duties and tasks are.  Therefore, a detailed description of the position and the tasks you expect done in that position need to be spelled out on paper. This way an employee knows exactly what is expected in terms of the work.

One good benefit of spelling out job duties is that it helps standardize your work flow. Everyone you hire for that position will be doing the same thing; though specific processes may change over time as new ways of streamlining productivity are found.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make this happen. Many jobs are broken down into their tasks in job descriptions available online. It is easy to find templates that you can use to add or subtract tasks that apply to your needs from an employee.

While you are considering that job description, think about wages. They need to be industry standard at minimum, but even better if you can afford more.

Schedule Flexibility

Employees today need much more job flexibility at work. They may have family members who are ill, or errands and other personal needs that can only be taken care of during regular 9-5 working hours.

If you can change the way you think to open up to the possibilities of schedule flexibility, you may find that other kinds of schedules can work for your business. If you can offer up the freedom of hours worked across a day, or remote telecommute on certain days, you will strengthen your employee relationships and inspire loyalty and a more productive staff who add value to your company.

Safety on the Job

Everyone wants to feel safe on the job. Are your offices safe? Is the production floor safe? Have you made sure that you have done everything you can to provide good training for all of your employees?

Have you thought about employees who work evenings and after dark? Do you have parking spots that are well-lit? Do you have someone who will serve as a night escort to make sure people get to their cars safely? Thinking about safety in terms of the employees who work for you will encourage everyone to think about one of the work issues often overlooked until it becomes a problem.


Employees will tell you what is happening at work if they think you will not only listen, but take them seriously, and even attempt to include some of their suggestions. They will also tell you what they need on the job if they trust you to trust them.


Be open and flexible. Be honest and listen. Create strong work policies and enforce them. Create a job atmosphere that will make people want to come to work every day and do the best they can. And protect your workforce, as they are your greatest asset in the company.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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