Business Advice: How to Make Employees Feel Involved with the Company Brand

Your employees will not feel involved or responsible for the company brand and image if you do not actually involve them in important company matters. Here are a few ways you can help make your employees feel more involved with the company brand:

Encourage Questions and New Ideas

Encourage your employees to ask questions and bring new ideas to the company meetings or even through email. By encouraging your employees to contribute, you help to instill a felling of “being desired by your employer.”

Set Goals as a Company and as Individuals

Bring your employees together and ask them what they think the company’s overall goals should be. Take those ideas into consideration and solidify a list of goals for the company. Allow each employee to set their own goals that align with the company goals.

Reward Goal Completion

According to, “It’s critically important to recognize employees who set goals and then achieve (or exceed) them. Not only does such a reward (a bonus, a certificate, public acknowledgment at a staff meeting, etc.) honor that employee’s efforts, it demonstrates clearly to his or her co-workers that the company values this type of commitment and hard work…”

Create Open and Respectful Relationships

You should have a good relationship with all of your employees so they feel comfortable coming to you with ideas and concerns. According to you should do things like,

  • Have an open door policy
  • Be present
  • Spend quality time
  • Be fair
  • Set reasonable goals
  • Include them in important decisions
  • Play by the same rules
  • Honesty is the best policy

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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