Business Advice: Improve Productivity By Boosting Employee Morale

There’s no longer any debate about the powerful correlation between boosting employee morale and productivity. It’s a belief that’s confirmed by science, and that can also be easily observed in the workplace. Engaged employees take more ownership of their jobs and this is reflected in their performance. Smaller businesses, where every single role is so important, should place even more emphasis on having a company culture that motivates employees. Here are three ways to boost morale and get the best from your team.

1. Create A Fun, Positive Environment

Making the space for fun will allow you to break the stress cycle and create a positive environment. Integrate icebreakers or team-building activities into staff meetings to promote bonding, creativity and a more relaxed atmosphere. Providing opportunities for your team to volunteer or support a charity can be a wonderful way to build cohesion while helping your community. Celebrating a major milestone with a pizza party or an outing at a mini golf course can be another chance to increase employee attachment to the company. By having fun together you can energize your employees, helping them to be more engaged and productive.

2. Reinforce The Importance Of Their Work

It’s important to communicate to your employees why their work matters. Morale goes up when they remain connected with the company’s vision, and with their own impact in the bigger picture. Use plenty of positive reinforcement by recognizing what your employees are doing well and expressing its value. You can also share positive testimonials or other useful measures of the company’s success, to make employees feel motivated to contribute to more success. If they can link their daily work to the goals of the company, they will be more motivated to meet and exceed expectations.

3. Provide Empathetic Leadership

Employee satisfaction is at the heart of having good morale. The importance of empathetic leadership is increasingly recognized as a factor in helping employees feel more supported and engaged. Take the time to solicit feedback from your team and validate their perspectives. Make them feel included in important decisions and maintain the lines of communication open. Empathetic leadership will improve performance by contributing to their satisfaction and engagement with the company.

It’s often said that people are the most important asset in a company. Focus on boosting employee morale by creating a positive environment and you will be rewarded with a team that’s energized, committed, and ready to perform at their best.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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