Business Advice – Holding a Productive Team Meeting

Do you remember, in grade school, when the teacher announced that the upcoming project would be done in teams and everyone groaned? Then, in college, when teamwork was still hard because schedules were hard to match up and one person ended up shouldering most of the work? Well, now you are in the real world and team meetings and group projects are still a part of life. These are also a part of your work life and whether you like it or not, team meetings have to happen. There is a stigma, normally associated with these meetings, that they are unnecessarily long and boring. Here are some tips with business advice on how to hold a productive team meeting:

Make an Agenda for the Meeting

Instead of flying off the cuff and discussing whatever comes into your head, and the heads of your team members, make an agenda of what you are going to discuss during your meeting. Write down everything you need to talk about to have a successful and productive meeting.

Stay on Topic

Now that you have a agenda, stick to it! Staying on topic is hard because there is always that one person who seems to enjoy talking about himself more than anything else in the world. Try to steer tangents back to the task at hand and if you need to interrupt a long-winded story, one that is not relevant to the meeting, do so in a kind manner. Stay on topic and you will have a quick and productive meeting.


Now it is time to delegate. Divide the work into equal portions and delegate it out to the different team members. You could also, discuss the divided work and allow team members to volunteer for the different assignments. Do not let one person do all the work for the group.

Ask for Help/Volunteers/Talents

If you are the team leader, it is up to you to ask for help and for volunteers. Many of you team members have talents that would be great for the tasks at hand; it is up to you do look for and ask for those talents.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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