Four Tips to Hire the Right Employee

If you want to continue to grow your business, there is going to come a time when you can’t do it all yourself. You are going to need to hire some help to ensure that you can still offer the best products and services at a faster pace. Hiring the right employee can take time and dedication; though it is worth it. A good employee will make you feel good about the choice and make the transition go much better.

Here are some tips to hire the right employee.

First, determine what job you are hiring for. You need to figure out what the position is going to be. What duties are they going to be responsible for? What kind of person are you looking for? Do you work well with outgoing people or do you need more of a thinker? What qualities and qualifications do you want them to have?

Make a checklist of things you want (qualities and qualifications) and look for those in the resumes and applications that you get. Go through each applicant carefully so you are not wasting precious time interviewing people that are not right for the job.

Pre-screen potential employees prior to an interview. A quick telephone pre-screening should help you narrow down your search further. This will save you precious time so you won’t be interviewing people that won’t work.

Check references. Though some people won’t expect you to check references, you should. It helps you to determine how well-qualified the person is before you hire them. Also, if they left a job unpleasantly, you might want to know about it.

Making sure that you hire the right person can be difficult. It starts by knowing exactly what you want and what the job duties entail. Then, make a list of the qualities and qualifications that you want and make sure each applicant has what you want. Then, pre-screen them to save precious interview time. Also, never forget to check references to make sure that he or she is as good in person as on paper.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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