A Formula for Success

In business, we’re all trying to find the best way to flourish and prosper within our markets. Experimenting with the latest trends in marketing, taking cuts in corners, and the never-ending need to outshine, outsmart, outsell our competition seems to be creating more work; when the goal should be to work smarter and not harder. What we should do is start looking back at the core of business integrity. Read on to learn a formula for success. 

Build relationships

Connecting with others more personally can go a long way in any business. Relationships are the vehicle that will drive you to success. This doesn’t mean to get personal; it simply means to go out of your way to listen and truly understand the other person you’re working with. Whether it’s a co-worker, client, or the “go-to” company that caters the monthly meetings, the people we interact with are people. The rapport we build with them can bring more rewards to our ongoing interaction than any other strategy. Send a thank you note, give them a word of praise, do something extra that lets them know they’ve been acknowledged and appreciated.

Go the extra mile

No matter if we’re signing checks or sweeping floors, our position within a business is important. Every action we take has our name on it. Our success is dependent upon every detail that makes up the entire picture. Going the extra mile on even the smallest of tasks will stand out. Jim Rohn says, “Always go the extra mile, because most people won’t even go the first mile”. Before passing the buck, go the extra mile and you will see that opportunities are often waiting. If we’re driving towards success, doesn’t it just make sense to go the extra mile?


The key to making all this work is persistence. One compliment isn’t going to bring the rewards of building a rapport. This requires time. Going the extra mile once isn’t going to get you noticed; you still need to cover some ground.  Creating a habit of these qualities brings a refinement to your character. Over time, these qualities will begin to compound and the effect will spill over into your success.  By simple observation, we can see the best formula for success uses principles we’ve been taught throughout our lives.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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