3 Tips to Increase Your Company’s Operational Efficiency

Every entrepreneur should strive to make their company more efficient by reducing or eliminating wasteful actions that can erode profits.  Here are three strategies that can help increase your company’s operational efficiency:

  1. Perform an Efficiency Audit

Before you can decide what you’ll need to change, you will need to complete an Efficiency Audit of how your company operates. Go through every procedure and system and analyze them. Are there any procedures or systems that aren’t effective anymore? How can you further improve the ones that are currently working?

You can also send out questionnaires to customers and employees to get their input on possible inefficiencies in the business. Later, you can review their feedback and discover additional issues that you may not have been aware of before.

For example, if you scour the company’s social media accounts and emails and notice that there is an uptick in customers complaining about long shipping times, there may be an issue with your courier or inventory management system.

  1. Document Every Procedure and System

After you’ve assessed the company’s operations and decided how you’d like to improve them, you should document everything. Closely track every task associated with the business and write it down. Clearly describe what each task entails and include pictures or diagrams whenever necessary. We suggest you keep the information organized on several documents uploaded to a cloud-based document system or another centralized platform.

It will be much harder for you to scale your business or be able to quickly onboard new hires if you don’t document your company’s procedures and systems. Your employees will also be able to do their job much quicker and more efficiently when the procedures are explained in detail.

  1. Create Workflows

Finally, we recommend that your company implement workflows to increase your company’s operational efficiency. The best way to incorporate workflows is with a software solution since manually writing down the workflows on paper can increase your chances of human errors and other mistakes. An automated workflow will help you and your employees make faster decisions faster, remove potential bottlenecks, and complete higher quality work.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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