3 Events that can Grow Your Business

Looking for another way to connect with your current customer base and reach out to potential customers?  Forget about your past experiences.  You know, those past “event” experiences where you walk around handing out business cards to a room full of confused leads.  You might believe that successful events are only for big companies; the ones that have big budgets and an endless list of clients.

Wondering how to get started putting this type of effective marketing to work for you? Begin by choosing one of these types of events. Depending on your business, you could really turn the event into a marketing machine that will grow your business.

Free Workshops: Strengthen current customer relationships and build credibility with new customers by hosting a live workshop. What unique services does your business offer? Do you sell flowers? Do you program computers? Consider offering a free, one-hour workshop to demonstrate and teach a desirable skill to your clientele. Who doesn’t want to know how to arrange flowers or remove spyware from a computer?

Invitation Only: Pick the slowest day for your business and plan an invitation-only event. Send your clients personalized notes or emails informing them that you’ll be hosting an exclusive demonstration just for them. Explain that you “need” them to give you feedback about a new product, service or the current business. Find ways to express your thanks for their previous business.

Make a video: Here’s a way to engage with more customers and build your business:  post a helpful instructional video. These virtual events give you the opportunity to answer questions, share your knowledge, and get to know your clients and their needs. If you record the workshops, you can offer your knowledge over and over!

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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