Business Advice: Training Your Employees

Help training employees for your service business

If you are serious about growing your business, you can’t do it alone. Chances are you have already hired a few employees to increase your workforce which has allowed your business to grow.  Let’s talk about 5 tips to make sure you’re training your employees for success.

Your employees are truly the face of your company and they need to be trained well so that they are putting your business’ best foot forward. Here are some tips to ensure that you are doing a good job training your employees.

Tip #1: Begin by hiring the right people in the first place.

No matter how hard it can be to find the right person, don’t give up. He or she is out there and will be delighted to work for you. Because of this, he or she will be much easier to train. You also won’t have to worry about people coming and going, after you have spent time training them!

Tip #2: Hire them for jobs that fit their skills and personality.

It is important that your employees are given a job that suits them well. It is a delicate balance.  You don’t want them to have a job that can lead to boredom, but it is important that they are able to do what you need them to do.  If the job is too hard, they will quit because it will be too stressful for them.

Tip #3:  Cross-train and promote within your company.

As your employees grow and learn, teach them how to do more. Not only will this make them feel helpful, they can step up if someone is out for a day or two. Many employees also like to feel like they are working toward something better, so never hesitate to promote your best employees.

Tip #4:  Make sure that your employees know that learning is constant and very important.

Your employees should strive to continue to learn and grow in your business. Not only should you train them well from the first day, you may want to host seminars and lunch-and-learns in order to keep their learning moving forward!

Tip #5: Partner with an excellent training and development partner.

Training and development firms like impactHR, LLC are qualified to utilize the most well-known tools in the industry and, as a result, can incorporate the most effective solutions for individual, group and organizational assessment to determine the best training and development programs.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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3 Factors to Consider When Building a Successful Team

3 factors to consider when building a successful team

As your business grows, building a successful team becomes integral to meeting the demands of business. The quality of your team will help to ensure your business’s continued success. This is because your team is your support system and will align with your business; helping to strengthen your brand. Here are three factors to consider when building a successful team:

1. Understand Vision: It’s important that your team aligns with your overall vision because everyone functions as a unit. This means that it’s important to assert your goals and expectations. Let your team know the culture you want to build as well as your future plans. This ensures that you and your team are on the same page and increases the likelihood of receiving your desired results.

2. Identify Individual Strengths: Your team should be diverse with different backgrounds and experiences. This means that each team member will have their individual strengths that can be an asset to your business. It’s important that you take the time to recognize each one of your team members strengths because this will essentially strengthen the core of your business and allow for better productivity.

3. Identify negative attributes: No team is perfect and because of this you have to pay attention to negative attributes that can potentially harm your business’s success. Some of these attributes include:

  • inability to work as a team
  • unwilling to grow and change
  • unable to come to an agreement on important issues

Negative attributes can hinder your business’s growth. Keeping an eye open for these types of characteristics will help you to diffuse problems before they become too big to handle.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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Why You Need to Strategize Business Growth Planning

business growth planning

When it comes to time to strategize business growth planning, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself. You want all the customers right now to maximize your profits and leapfrog the competition. However, that is simply a strategy for burnout by you and your team. Companies that have grown too big too fast have always had problems along the way. It is important to strategize business growth planning and plan your growth so it can be done efficiently; without hiccups.

Where to Start Your Business Growth Planning Strategy:

Who is your ideal customer?

Believe it or not, not everyone is your ideal customer. If you try to take that approach, you may end up alienating your client base. So, think about who your ideal customer is. Who would be the most profitable and loyal to your company? Who would provide the best referrals to earn you more great customers? Those are the customers that you want. How can you make your company appealing to them?

Who is your competition and what are they doing?

Knowing what your competition is doing can tell you a couple things. First, what are they doing right? Figure that out, and try to emulate that. What are they doing wrong? This is a great opportunity to learn from their mistakes which will save you time and money.

Find out what customers want!

Learn their pain points. Ask what they are not receiving from the competition and do your best to provide that for them. Come up with a strategy that is very difficult for your competition to duplicate, so you keep your loyal patrons.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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Business Advice: Tips to Be a Good Employer

Your employees are essential for the growth of your business. No matter what is in their job description, a good employee is worth every penny. In order to keep your employees around, you have to be a good employer. Here are some tips to do so.

Treat them well. Little extras can make a big difference in office morale. Buy lunches for your employees when you have a really good (or hard) day. Have a good coffee machine if your employees love their hot drinks. If you have the space, give your employees a nice break room to relax during lunch.

Be positive. Just like pessimism, positivity can be contagious. If you are completely happy at work, it will rub off on your employees. Greet people by name. Thank them for a job well done. You should do anything that you can to keep the morale up at the office.

Offer feedback. Everyone loves to hear when they do things well. However, it is just as important to talk about any problems that may arise. If your employee does something wrong, work through the problem and find a way to solve it. Constructive criticism may be hard to hear, but it is necessary to have good employees.

Constantly work on training. Though everyone knows that employee training is important in the beginning, it is also important every day. Make sure that all of your employees are well-trained. If you do something new, train them correctly. If advances are made in your field, make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Your employees can make or break your business. They can increase the happiness of your customers; which may spur repeat business. They can also turn people away; which will hurt business. Therefore, it is important that you do everything that you can to be a good employer and ensure that your employees are happy at work!

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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