Why Excellent Customer Service is Key To A Successful Business

excellent customer service

There are many aspects to making your business a success. Sometimes, business owners overlook one integral part to a thriving business:  customer service. Excellent customer service is derived from many different characteristics, including: responsiveness, patience, and the ability to understand customer’s needs. Stated simply, customer service is the lifeblood of your business. Let’s check out 3 reasons why excellent customer service is key to a successful business.

1. Your Customer Service Reflects Your Business: How you interact with your customers is a direct correlation to how people will perceive your business. Your business reputation is important and will be decided by your customers. If you want your business to be perceived as a successful and reliable company, you need to be attentive to your customer’s needs and always put them first.

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Business Growth Planning – Don’t Be a Sap, Use a SOP


Owning a small business is equal parts rewarding and stress-inducing. Success is often coupled with a unique set of challenges. Initially, a growing business is the dream of every owner. The phones ring incessantly, clients place orders or retain services at a harrowing pace, and company revenues shoot up. However, once the initial high wears off you remember that there is inventory to account for, accounts to reconcile, payroll and taxes to calculate, and record-keeping in dire need of organization. You think to yourself, “How did my business get out of hand”? The answer: you did not create a standard(s) of operating procedure (SOP) to guide your company.

What is a SOP?

A SOP is essentially the layout of your business procedures. A SOP is as simple or complicated as you, the business owner, desires. Generally, a SOP explains the policies and procedures of the company:  standardizing everything from accounting to record-keeping.

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Business Advice: The 4 best tips!

There is so much business advice available these days. It can be difficult to tell what is sage advice, versus what is not. However, history has a tendency to repeat itself. What worked in the past for someone may work for you, too! Let’s take a look at four simple examples.

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3 Strategies for Effective Business Growth Planning

effective business growth planning

The goal of any for-profit business is to grow and be successful. Business owners that shy away from growth, do not stay in business for very long. However, some effective business growth planning strategies are better than others when it comes to successfully growing your business.  Here are three of the key ones.

Goal Setting:

Are these goals reasonable, and obtainable? If you set a goal to have one million dollars in profits by the first week, this is not reasonable. Set goals that are SMART and stick to them. If you want to make one thousand dollars in profit by your first month, what steps will you take to get there? You can take on more in-house. You can hold off on hiring any employees until you are sure you can support them. What will reach that goal of one thousand dollars. When you hit that goal, reach higher to two thousand dollars. Then three thousand. Be reasonable, but most importantly, continue to have bigger and better goals.  Effective business growth planning takes time.

Don’t grow too big, too fast:

Growing too big too fast can lead to a number of difficulties down the road. The immediate need for more employees to handle the workload can lead to bad hires. The urgent need to outsource can lead to hiring bad vendors, or simply not getting the best deal. Anticipate your growth, look at your history, and plan accordingly.

Put the right person in the right job:

A bad hire can cost you thousands of dollars, if not more! This is money down the drain that could be used to grow your business. Employees are your most expensive and most valuable asset. They can help skyrocket your business or tank it. Avoid the latter.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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