A Foundation for Business Growth Planning

Business growth is essential for long-term success. Many smaller businesses, as well as many start-ups, assume that business growth planning is more to do with increasing revenue than with anything else – win more sales, introduce new products, increase market penetration, etc. While it is true that growth and revenue are linked, real business success is based on the right foundation.

Begin at the Beginning

Starting with the foundation, then considering the direction the growth will take, and allocating the most appropriate resources will ensure enduring success. Business consultants ask specific questions to enable entrepreneurs to understand enough about the foundation, the direction and the resources. These few questions are a good place for anyone to begin on their own.

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8 Practical Areas of Business Advice to Reduce Costs

Successful business owners increase their profits in two ways – they increase their sales and they reduce their costs. Businesses can reduce their costs in many ways; some are more complex than others. Here are some simple and quick ways to increase profit by reducing costs.

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3 Signs Your Business Needs Help from a CFO

help from a cfo

When does a business need help from a CFO (Chief Financial Officer)?  The answer depends on your circumstances, but there are certain indicators that make it apparent that you need help managing the financial part of your business. When you’re a small or medium-size business, you face a lot of decisions, big and small, throughout the day and work week. Since the role of a CFO is not always clearly understood by entrepreneurs, many businesses find themselves without one until the need for someone to fill that spot suddenly arises.

Here are 3 signs your business needs help from a CFO:

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