Have You Been Encouraging Employee Creativity as Part of Your Business Growth Planning?

employee creativity

Did you know that all of your employees are creative in some way? In fact, many of them are very creative. Some people are fast and theatrical when they are in their “zone.”  Others are brooding, quiet and diligent.  It’s unfortunate that many business owners and managers don’t know that creativity comes from an organic place. It’s not something that people inherit or some strange, unobtainable natural talent.

Most creativity surfaces when a person is surrounded by a specific environment and  comes up with a solution to a problem. It’s not a flash of blind inspiration. Creativity is simply:

How people categorize, problem solve, store information, share information with others and use information for their own ends to better their own or their organization’s position.

When you think of even just your friends and family, you realize everyone collects, processes and uses information differently, creatively.  For this reason, anyone can be creative under the right circumstances. However, most employers don’t take advantage of this innate quality most humans possess.

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Business Advice: Mistakes and Pitfalls to Avoid

There’s no doubt that owning a business can be taxing. However, this is especially true if you’re new in the industry. Between training your employees for disaster, as well as planning ways to increase the business profit, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. With that said, however, one of the biggest concerns for newcomers is how they can avoid the common mistakes that come with owning a small or medium business. In fact, as you continue to grow your business, what are some pitfalls you should avoid?

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Advice for Starting a Business

If you’re a newcomer in the industry, starting a business may seem rather intimidating. Between setting future goals for your company, as well as knowing the most efficient ways to reach out to your customers, there are plenty of things you should take note of. However, once you have the proper tips and advice, setting up your own business isn’t a difficult process. If anything, it just involves a lot of planning. Here is some useful advice when starting a company.

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3 Ways to Add a New Income Stream to Your Business

As a business owner, many times you are looking at how you can grow sales by selling more to your existing customers or finding new customers that you can sell to. Of course, these activities are very important to continue to move your business forward. With some creativity and hard work, there is another option that you should be looking at as well. This is creating additional income streams for your business. We will discuss 3 ways to add a new business income stream:

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