Strengthen Computer Security in Your Business

Growing more intelligent, hackers use everyday software to steal precious information.  The hacker takes over the account under the radar without notice, and blends in.  An email from the legitimate, yet hacked account spreads throughout the email list asking for information and hoping you fall for the scam.  A business analysis of the security systems set in place is wise.

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Business Advice – Three more ways to take care of your Key Accounts

Key Account Management (KAM) enables companies of all sizes to effectively manage and grow their most valuable customers – their key accounts. If attention to detail with respect to key account relationships is not followed, there is no way your KAM program will be effective. The following are three more ways to take care of your key accounts and improve your business’s bottom line.

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Business Advice – Three Ways to Take Care of Your Key Accounts

Key Account Management (KAM) is of vital importance to your business. It’s an organizational methodology to manage and enhance relationships with your most important customers – your key accounts. If business advice relating to key accounts is ignored, this will have a negative impact on your company’s revenue. The following are three steps you can implement to take care of your key accounts.

1.  Understand What KAM Means

KAM is not a way to find new customers or to increase short-term sales. Rather, it’s a business methodology involving the entire company, not just your sales force. It requires a commitment by all departments to meet the needs of your most valued customers. For example, if a key account has been given priority access to urgently needed products or services, supply chain and operations personnel have to jump in, not sales.

2.  Ensure that All Departments are Familiar with Your Key Accounts

Your key accounts are your existing customers with long-term relationships with your company. They should be regarded as one of your most valuable assets and as an investment in your business’s economic future. Establish parameters to identify them and don’t get pressured to add certain customers just because they play golf twice a month with the CEO.

3.  KAM Needs Top-Level Involvement

The most successful companies of all sizes have high-level executives involved with their key accounts. Each executive visits the key accounts that they sponsor on a regular basis. The goal is to ensure that your business’s key accounts feel valued and significant. Happy customers will keep giving you orders and increase your company’s revenues.

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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Business Advice – Is the Customer Always Right?

You know the saying “the customer is always right.” But what should you do as a small business owner when the customer isn’t right? Is it better to take the loss of a customer or lose the income? Here is some business advice to help you decide what to do in that inconvenient situation.

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Are Business Plans Necessary for Stable Businesses?

business plan

Start-up companies require a business plan that outlines the details that the company needs to survive and thrive.  Lenders appreciate them because it strengthens your chances of obtaining a loan.  Owners of thriving companies tend to forgo the business plan because the business is succeeding.  However, business plans extend beyond one successful outing.  Companies fluctuate, and owners need to adapt to change.  The question we will explore is: “are business plans necessary for stable businesses?”

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