Business Growth Planning Depends on Managers’ and Workers’ Planning Styles

Business growth planning, according to the book, Becoming a Resonant Leader by McKee, Boyatzis and Johnston, should take into account the “planning styles” of company leaders and of day-to-day employees, as all stakeholders contribute to growth analysis. These authors begin by noting, “People approach the future in different ways,” and most employ, predominantly, one of three approaches:

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Be Aware of the Risks of Rapid Growth

risks of rapid revenue growth

Rapid growth for a new business can present special problems in a financial sense.  Business owners see growth as something to increase and maximize. The reasoning behind this way of thinking is simple:  as growth increases, so should the profits. From a financial perspective, however, growth is not always wonderful. Rapid growth can put considerable strain on a company’s resources and unless a small business owner is aware of the effect and has taken active steps to control it, rapid growth can lead to bankruptcy. Companies can literally go broke.

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Business Analysis: The Basics Are Still Key to Growth

Whether you own a small business or a medium-size business, setting appropriate goals for your company isn’t always easy. Financial analysis can provide a window into your business’s ability to achieve these goals. How do companies establish short-term goals that facilitate long-term goals with financial accountability?

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3 Pieces of Business Advice That Could Actually Hurt Your Business

There is an endless supply of resourceful information out there for new entrepreneurs and for seasoned business owners. Every shrewd business professional understands the importance of accepting business advice, no matter how skilled or successful he or she is. But there are actually a few pieces of popular business advice that could do more harm than good. This post will discuss the three biggest tips you should simply ignore.

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The Top 5 Questions Business Analysis Can Answer

You are at your place of business every day, so you see it up close and personal. Sometimes you’re too close to get the full picture. It’s much like standing 1″ from a van Gogh; you can’t appreciate the talent rendered on the canvas in front of you unless you take one or two steps back. Once you’ve done that you are still close enough to see the structure that makes a great painting and secondly, you are far enough away to appreciate the work involved with creating the finished product. This is why having a business analysis conducted by a consulting professional can help your business better realize its potential.

An experienced business analyst takes advantage of their global viewpoint of your business because they take that step back to observe from the inside. They look at your business in its totality, not just at primary cost or profit and loss statements. They look with an eye trained to see what affects your profitability and they know the right questions to ask to help maximize yours.

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