3 Powerful Suggestions to Grow your Business So It Thrives

A business is like a plant; it needs nurturing to grow. Nurturing your business simply means sticking to solid practices that help bring in new sales and clients and retain current ones. If you have started up a new small business and are ready for the next phase of growing it, there are some suggestions you should follow which are outlined below on how to grow your business.

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How to use Employee Assessments to Grow Your Business

A business cannot grow with only management.  Getting your business to the next level requires leverage and leverage means having the right employees.  If you feel like your employees are not empowered, it’s time to evaluate your hires.  Hiring the right people for the job is the best way to grow your business.

In order to increase retention rates and keep the right people, you might want to consider performing ongoing assessments of your employees.  After a specified period on the job, employers should evaluate their workers to make sure everyone hired is the right person for the job.  Here are some key items to incorporate into your employee assessments:

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How to Grow Your Business By Hiring Freelancers

When thinking about how to grow your business, today’s small business owner has many options and one of them should be hiring freelancers or independent contractors. Supplementing your in-house work force with independent contractors can boost your business in many ways. Depending on your unique business, freelancers can create excitement in your team and enhance your business’s skill-set. How could your business benefit from partnering with freelancers?

  1. You won’t take on additional hiring costs like payroll taxes, insurance or benefits packages. If you see the business relationship won’t work, there’s no commitment to continue. Freelancers work according to their contract.
  2. Your business will reap the benefits of the skills you need, without the commitment of hiring. Need someone who has experience with high-tech software or new machinery? Bring in a freelancer to train your staff.
  3. Managers can create excitement in the business by bringing on experts temporarily. When you bring in a pro, people get excited. Encourage your employees to learn all they can from the freelance expert you hire. Schedule times for your team to pick the brain of the expert freelancer.
  4. Bring in another viewpoint and gain more expertise on a subject. Experienced freelancers have tons of knowledge they are willing to share. Tackle a persistent problem with a fresh set of eyes. It’s never a bad idea to get another point of view.
  5. Most freelancers work flexible hours. This means your business could be open for longer hours; providing more benefits to your customers.
  6. Unlike a temp hire, freelancers can be contacted directly when questions arise. The professional freelancer expects to answer queries and assist you when needed.
  7. Freelancers love a project! Whether your company is beginning a new project or working to finish one, independent contractors are the power-packed team you need to get the job done. They live for projects!

Remember, running a business successfully does not need to be complicated.  Keep it simple!

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How to use Custom Software to Grow your Business

When was the last time you evaluated the efficiency of your company’s information systems?  If your employees are getting frustrated with your existing information systems because of frequent glitches, then chances are that your company’s productivity is being negatively impacted.  It might be time for an upgrade in order to boost efficiency and productivity and improve your bottom line.

The first thing to do is to brainstorm across all aspects of your business to determine just what your software and computing needs are currently and what they may be in the future.  Do some shopping around; there may be a solution to your dilemma already on the market. If you can find an existing software package to do the trick, you will be better off than developing one from the ground up.

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