Manny Skevofilax

I guide business owners on maximizing profits and overcoming growth challenges.  My mission is to help you achieve wealth, security, fulfillment, and comfort in your business. 

I am so passionate about the topic that I wrote a book about it called “Ultimate Profit Management: Maximizing Profits As You Grow Your Business.”  

In the book, I share the business lessons that I learned from my teachers and mentors which includes three billionaire business families.  You can buy a copy HERE and implement the lessons by yourself.  If you would like for me to help you, click here to give me a call and let’s chat about ways we can work together.

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Typical Client Outcomes



Strategic Planning

As your experienced sounding board for plans and ideas, Manny Skevofilax helps you craft a path to achieve your goals.


Advisory & Coaching

Manny Skevofilax offers advisory services and one-on-one coaching for business owners. His clients refer to him as their business therapist because he helps take the anxiety out of tough decisions.


Organizational Development

Manny Skevofilax provides business owners with the tools they need to improve their employee retention and to build effective teams that reach their full potential.

What My Clients Say

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