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PORTAL CFO Consulting is a Baltimore, Maryland-based outsourced CFO services and business consulting firm. We show you how to achieve greater financial results and “level up” your business. 

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How do I grow my business?

Many times, entrepreneurs undertake growth strategies without first understanding if their business is in the proper financial position to do so.

The Navigation Review from PORTAL CFO Consulting is a financial analysis process for companies that want to determine if they are on the correct financial path to meet their growth goals.

Let us analyze your business and show you the way to grow your profits.

Questions Answered Through A Navigation Review:

  • How can I make more money for myself?

  • Every owner wants to grow their business, but do you have the processes in place to handle growth?

  • Do you maintain a sustainable competitive advantage?
  • How efficiently is your business using its resources?
  • Are the right people in the right seats on your team?
  • Are you maximizing your return on your investment?

Nationally recognized by leading financial publications

PORTAL CFO’s managing partner, Manny Skevofilax, helps new and established businesses to enhance profits by using his experience in strategic planning, financial statement analysis, and operations.  He has been quoted in several leading business publications such as, CNN Money, Intuit Small Business, SunTrust and Bank of America, to name a few.

“Manny is able to quickly identify the business issues that are getting in the way of growth or profitability.  He thinks like a CEO but with a strong financial mind, a complete understanding of financing options and a pro sales mindset.”

Craig Burris, CEO, SmartCEO Publishing, Inc.

“Manny is an integral part of both Quality Associates Inc. and DocPoint Solutions’ financial operations and organization as a whole. With extensive experience in the banking industry and a deep understanding of its complexities, Manny is a forward-thinking individual and a team player who works hard to grasp the challenges that officers and executives of an organization face. Over the past couple of years, Manny has successfully helped us maintain compliance with our covenants, uphold relationships with our third-party auditors, and led us through a seamless transition to a new banking relationship. Demonstrating a high level of trustworthiness and sheer knowledge, Manny is a valuable asset to our family-owned organizations and plays a key role in ensuring that our business is running properly every day.”

Scott Swidersky, President and Executive Director, Quality Associates Inc. & DocPoint Solutions

“In 2011, our companies suffered a major loss when my business partner and best friend died suddenly. Since my partner had previously handled much of the financials, I was left to handle the day to day operations of the businesses and deal with his loss. It was a very difficult time. We were in desperate need to get the books in order and deal with the possibility of having to find a new bank since several bank loans had come due. With the help of Manny Skevofilax, we were able straighten out our books and get comfortable managing our financials in their entirety. Not only that, but due to his good reputation in the banking industry and expertise with business consulting, we were also able to salvage our existing banking relationship. We are extremely grateful to Manny and would highly recommend him to other business owners.”

Patrick Hoban
, CEO, All Pro Restoration, Inc. & Priceless Carpet One, LLC
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